1970’s – 1980’s – New Heights & Firsts

The 1970’s were a busy time for the Arbor Rescue Squad. As Piscataway and the surrounding towns began to grow, so did the call volume. Below you can see a great many of the well documented calls our volunteers answered, putting their dedication and skills into practice. In 1971 the squad celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary which gained a lot of attention from not just Piscataway, but the surround area as well. You can see from the various articles and advertisements below that the Arbor Rescue Squad was not just thought of as a Piscataway only squad, but as an area rescue squad, a credit to the good job our members had done in the past 40 years. In 1972 we were able to purchase a another new set of “twin” ambulances for the squad. 1973 saw a Seton Hall Social Studies project done at the squad and the raising of our current Siren Tower (the loudest in Piscataway even today, not to toot our own horn or anything….). The WWII air raid siren was received from Camp Kilmer Army Base in Edison. In 1974 we reached a milestone of our 25,000th call, which ended up being a fellow squad member.


The 1980’s proved to be a proud period for the Arbor Rescue Squad. In May 1980 an individual crashed his car in an attempt to commit suicide. The man came very close to succeeding when a fence pole impaled him in the chest leaving a 3 inch hole. Mercy 6 (paramedic unit out of Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield) had a doctor riding that shift. When the patient’s heart stopped, the doctor got a pocket knife from squad member A. Randolph and cut open the man’s chest and massaged his heart back to life. Abu Bakr Abdullah was driving Car 9 and was trying to get to Raritan Valley Hospital in Green Brook (now a developmental center) ASAP for surgery by order of the doctor on board he was driving on two wheels rounding the corners leading up to the hospital (or so the story goes). The patient survived, but then shortly after attempted to sue the hospital, doctor, and rescue squad that saved his life. The case never made it to court, to say the least. Car 9 and the Arbor Rescue Squad were the first in the nation to have an open heart surgery performed outside of a hospital or combat zone and it was successful to top it all off! The following week Car 10 had a baby delivered in the back on the way to the hospital. Again later that year Car 10 had TWINS delivered in it, which later earned that crew awards from the New Jersey State First Aid Council. The 1980’s also saw the squad’s first set of twin Box Style ambulance. Finally, rounding off the decade in 1989 Arthur Reicher was honored for his life of volunteer service in the Arbor Hose Company, Arbor Rescue Squad, New Jersey State First Aid Council, and other community works by receiving the Governor’s Awards (Gov. Kean in 1989).