Independence Day Fireworks

On the behalf of the Arbor Rescue Squad we would like to thank all of our Veterans and Active Military personnel for their service and sacrifice so that we may all celebrate our freedoms and independence this coming weekend. We ask that residents everywhere please respect these men and women and be courteous with your personal use of fireworks. One of the unfortunate costs of defending our freedoms comes in the form of PTSD for some of our service men and women. As a nation who relies on these brave men and women we need to respect the price they have paid for all of us this weekend.

Most people around the country enjoy firework displays, what most people don’t realize are the extreme dangers of fireworks when they are not handled properly by trained and licensed professionals in controlled conditions. Lighting off fireworks can be fun where it is legal. However, it is no different than setting off a bomb, they are both explosives and act exactly the same. Fireworks run the same risks of failure as anything you buy, except most won’t explode in your hand and you don’t get a warranty plan for your body like you do for a TV.

Please consider all the risks of personnel injury, permanent disability/scarring, hurting someone else or damaging other people’s homes before you decide this 4th of July to set off any fireworks. If you think twice, be responsible, and act safety this year, Independence Day can be enjoyed by everyone, including all of the emergency services who won’t have to worry about responding to preventable injuries and fires.  Also if you know or see a Veteran or Active Service Personnel please take a moment to thank them for everything they do and stand for. The Arbor Rescue Squad wishes everyone a Very Happy and Safe 4th of July Celebration this weekend!

Firework Safety
Firework Safety

EMS Week – 2015 – Arbor Rescue Squad of Piscataway

EMS Week 2015

Today starts the week long recognition of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). EMS is composed of trained health professionals that are both volunteer and career (paid). The idea of retrieving wounded people for medical care started during the Napoleonic Wars in Europe between 1803-1815. The concept was further advanced during the United State Civil War between 1861-1865 with the use of the first horse drawn ambulances. The first actual volunteer rescue squad was formed in 1928 in Roanoke, Virginia after a man witnessed a little boy drowning in the river years earlier. Later that year New Jersey got it’s first two official volunteer rescue squads, Belmar followed by Keyport. The Arbor Rescue Squad of Piscataway was the next official volunteer rescue squad and the first in Middlesex County. New Jersey was truly the proving ground for volunteer EMS throughout the nation. Before the local volunteers, if you needed an ambulance you would have to call the local hospital if they even had an ambulance and they would want payment when they got there.

Throughout the nation and even New Jersey you will hear names such as rescue squad, first aid squad, emergency squad, EMS, etc…. You might ask what is the difference? Are some higher trained than others? The answer now a day’s is no, we are all trained the same, some organizations simply offer additional specialized services such as Search and Rescue (SAR), Fire Rehab, Swiftwater Rescue, Extrication (i.e. the jaw’s of life and other tools to gain access to crashed vehicles), and many more things. Traditionally First Aid Squads only provided medical care while Rescue Squads provided additional boat rescue or extrication services when needed.

Some of you might wonder what is the difference between an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Paramedic. Well that answer varies state to state, but for us in New Jersey an EMT is a Basic Life Support Provider (BLS) and a Paramedic is an Advanced Life Support Provider (ALS). Most emergencies or transports to hospitals do not require a Paramedic unit, a staff of trained EMTs can more than handle most situations. There are roughly 26,000 EMTs and 2,200 Paramedics in NJ, so EMTs (volunteer or career, local squad or hospital based) can get to you quicker because there are simply more of them. EMTs are fully trained in how to manage vehicle collisions, strokes, heart attacks, shootings/stabbings, CPR, diabetic emergencies and even the classic splinter in a finger or stubbed toe. Paramedics are at a higher level of training and can do somethings EMTs in this state cannot do such as: start IV’s or IO’s, administer dozens of medications, take an EKG of the heart, manually defibrillate and insert an a ET tube to secure someone’s airway. Both EMTs and Paramedics go through extensive core training, periodic refresher courses, and have to do continuing education courses to keep their certifications up to date.

The Arbor Rescue Squad will be spending this week recounting some of it’s very long history with the public. Much of our history is the history of the Arbor Fire Company which gave birth to our organization and the rich history of Piscataway itself and the surrounding communities. We hope you join us and like our Facebook page on our week long story of 84 years of volunteer service. And please if you know or see an EMT, Paramedic, Ambulance or local Rescue/First Aid Squad, stop by and say thanks or just simply wave or give a thumbs up. We are a humble brother/sisterhood and even a simple random thank you means the world to any of us.

If anyone is interested in volunteering at the Arbor Rescue Squad please fill out and return the Arbor Rescue Squad Application. We encourage everyone to join their local rescue squad and keep our mission of volunteer EMS in New Jersey alive.

Come Visit Us @ The Piscataway Street Fair – Sat. May 9th

Come visit us at the Piscataway Street Fair this Saturday May 9th from 10AM – 4PM.  There will be many community organizations and business owners there along with food and rides! We will be located on Sydney Road near the Pony Rides. We will be passing out Arbor Rescue Squad Applications and information about our Hall Rentals. So if your looking to make a difference in community, gain some medical experience, or just get a place to have your next party/event at, Stop on By! We will also have our classic 1976 Cadillac Ambulance on display that the first open heart surgery outside of a hospital was performed in. We hope to see you there!

Gold Cross Article – Arbor Rescue Squad Ambulance Legacy

The Arbor Rescue Squad was featured in an article in the Spring 2015 issue of the Gold Cross. Click on the images to read the full two page article about our long legacy of ambulances.

Gold+Cross+Page+1    Gold+Cross+Page+2


April 25, 2015 – Last Flea Market Day

The Arbor Rescue Squad would like to thank both our customers and vendors for supporting our Flea Market. Saturday April 25, 2015 will be the last day of the market before it closes permanently. Make sure to come by and get your deals on some great merchandise before its gone!

We ask everyone to please visit and support our brothers at the Arbor Hose Company’s Outdoor Flea Market on Sundays located right next door to us.

CPR SAVE – Kevin Kan & Mitesh Patel


Arbor Rescue Squad would like to congratulate and recognize EMT/Crew Chief Kevin Kan and EMT Mitesh Patel on successfully resuscitating their second patient that went into cardiac arrest in three months. This make’s the third CPR save in as many months for the squad. We are proud of them and every volunteer we have for truly providing high quality and effective life saving care to the community when they need it most.

About NJ Volunteer EMS

Learn a little about what Volunteer EMS is all about in New Jersey. This video was made by the New Jersey State First Aid Council (now EMS Council of New Jersey) using all volunteers throughout the state. Even if your not from Piscataway or in our response area, please take a few minutes and watch. Not only will you gain some insight into what it is exactly we do, but you might just want to join your own local rescue or first aid squad. Thank you for stopping by for a look at the Arbor Rescue Squad!