Hall Rental Night Closed 11.08.17

The Hall Rental Night on Wed. 11/08/17 will be closed. All viewings, contract signings, and payments can be made next Wednesday 11.15.17 between 6pm to 8pm. For further assistance please visit our Hall Rental page for information, pricing, and pictures of our hall. Additional questions, please call (732) 956-4141.

Dear Piscataway Residents

The Arbor Rescue Squad has been servicing the community since 1931. For 85 years we have relied strictly on donations and fundraisers, no citizen of Piscataway has ever been charged a tax dollar for our services. However, over the past decade donations have steadily decreased while expenses have only increased. The economic realities have reached the point that in order to maintain operations and eventually improve and expand operations; we must begin billing for services effective Jan. 1st 2017.  This decision was not made lightly and took a very long time to come to. We have spent the last year and a half working with Piscataway Township, New Jersey Dept. of Health, and Cornerstone Adminisystems to ensure our organization and services could continue in Piscataway.

Of our two sister rescue squads in Piscataway, one already has been billing for a few years and the other one is part of a fire department and their Fire Commissioners provide them with funding generated through a tax from their fire district. Most health insurance carriers have payment for 911 services built into their plans; the impact to most people will be minimal. Those who have legitimate hardship cases will be reviewed and our billing company is flexible enough to deal with them as individuals, not as just numbers. Revenue from the new billing will be used to pay our monthly utilities, insurance, and service bills, pay for medical supplies, maintenance of the ambulances, building and property. In the future, we are looking forward to buying a new ambulance, creating community outreach and prevention programs, buying advanced medical technology to provide an even wider and higher level of care. We will still remain a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization accepting generous donations and will be run by a completely volunteer staff. No member shall receive a salary, we will however invest in volunteer recruitment and retention programs just as most of our fire departments have been doing for many years such as a training fund, clothing allowance and LOSAP.

We realize and expected that this news will cause mixed emotions throughout the community, just as it has within the rescue squad itself. However, we would like for everyone in the community to understand in recent years many rescue squads with long standing history in their communities have begun billing or even worse….. closed their doors and shut down. We did not want to do that to our friends, families and neighbors that we serve. We have the passion and will to continue to be there for you when you need us most. Growth is not always done during the good times; sometimes we must go through the rough patches in order to become a stronger rescue squad so that Piscataway’s health becomes stronger as well. For any questions please feel free to message us on our Facebook Page or call (732) 956-4141.

Hall Rental Updates

This has been the Arbor Rescue Squad’s 4th year welcoming people to our building and having their special celebrations with us. This has been our most popular year yet and we are excited for what the future holds for us and our renters. However, due to a string of issues revolving around both alcohol and damages we are changing some of the ways you can celebrate with us at any event scheduled for on or after Dec. 31, 2016. This is in cooperation with our insurance company and other emergency services so that we are able to continue to offer the community the use of the second largest hall in Piscataway.

  • Rentals will be limited to 250 Guests. This provides better access in cases of emergencies and will give guests more space to enjoy while here.
  • No Distilled/”Hard” Liquors will be allowed. Wine and beer are perfectly fine to continue to celebrate with.
  • The Deposit amount of $500 Cash will remain the same, however the hourly rate will be $100 each hour. No more $50 hours after your 7th hour. (Our insurance rate has significantly increased due to rentals and their related issues) We will continue to offer discounts to 501(c)3 Non-Profit Fundraisers, Active/Past Military, Police/Corrections, EMS and Fire personnel.

New Year, New Changes at the Squad

First of all, the Arbor Rescue Squad would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our website. We hope your New Year has been a happy and healthy one. We would like everyone to know some key new changes that have happen at the squad in the past month.

#1 – We have renovated our membership requirements to make it easier for people to become and remain volunteers in the new era we live in.

#2 – Bingo is closed, but our Hall Rentals are going strong! We will still be hosting Hall Rental viewings, contracts, and payments on Wednesday Nights between 6pm – 8pm.

#3 – We would like to Congratulate Susan Grimando as remaining Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Thomas Zullo retaining President, and Michael Kim continuing his leadership as Captain.

#4 – We would like to thank all of our volunteers at the rescue squad for their dedication last year and their continued commitment this year in answering calls for help in the community.


Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of this countries great holidays full of friends, family and FOOD! However, every year the holiday gets ruined for many people and their loved ones because of preventable accidents. The Arbor Rescue Squad wishes you all the best holiday possible, so take the time to read our provided information and always search online more to educate yourself and others this holiday season.

Cooking: Please remember to NEVER leave a stove, oven, or deep fryer (inside or outside the house) unattended. Not only can you ruin the food, but you can easily catch your house on fire or a child can get seriously injured. Always make sure to clean all cooking utensils, preparation areas, and food itself prior to cooking. No one wants to be that guy who makes their family and friends violently sick that year.

Fire/Heat: Make sure that cooking temperatures and methods are correct for the size and type of food you are cooking. There are a lot of books and online material from reputable food agencies on how to properly cook your holiday meals. Make sure once you are done using any device that has a flame or heat is turned all the way off. Not only can you cause a fire by forgetting to do this, but if the flame goes out you can fill your house with gas and carbon monoxide, which are very deadly. Make sure your smoke detectors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors are working (if you don’t have them, get them!). Also it is ALWAYS a great idea to have a fire extinguisher in the house, better to have a mess from that than a half burned out house.

Pets: Don’t forget our furry friends on this day. Please remember not all pets like to have a house full of strangers, if your pet has anxiety there are pet hotels or put them in a bedroom/unused room with some food, water, and toys to keep them entertained and check on them periodically. With so many people going in and out of your house make sure all your pets have a collar with identification on them. They can easily jet right by everyone and down the street. Finally, just because you are enjoying our human food, please be careful what you feed your pets. Though they are animals, they cannot eat just anything, they are domestic breeds and their body cannot handle some foods very well, some are even deadly.

Once again, the Arbor Rescue Squad wishes everyone a Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!


Final Bingo Dec. 16th

The Arbor Rescue Squad will hold it’s final Bingo on Wednesday Dec. 16, 2015. Our rescue squad is 100% volunteer based. Bingo each week does require a significant amount of time and effort from our members. Along with the drastic decline in revenue generated over the last 8 years has made Bingo no longer viable as a fundraiser.  Dec. 2, 9, and 16th will be the last chances for anyone wishing to come visit our squad’s Bingo. Santa will make a visit on Dec. 16th and be giving away special holiday gifts. We want to thank all of our costumers for their years and even decades of support.

Passing of Ellen Hodgson

It is with the deepest regrets we announce the passing of Ellen Hodgson whom was a member of the rescue squad’s Women’s Auxiliary. May she rest easy now having helped to serve her community and be reunited now with her husband and daughter whom preceded her. Please follow the link below for more details.


Ellen Hodgson Obituary

Independence Day Fireworks

On the behalf of the Arbor Rescue Squad we would like to thank all of our Veterans and Active Military personnel for their service and sacrifice so that we may all celebrate our freedoms and independence this coming weekend. We ask that residents everywhere please respect these men and women and be courteous with your personal use of fireworks. One of the unfortunate costs of defending our freedoms comes in the form of PTSD for some of our service men and women. As a nation who relies on these brave men and women we need to respect the price they have paid for all of us this weekend.

Most people around the country enjoy firework displays, what most people don’t realize are the extreme dangers of fireworks when they are not handled properly by trained and licensed professionals in controlled conditions. Lighting off fireworks can be fun where it is legal. However, it is no different than setting off a bomb, they are both explosives and act exactly the same. Fireworks run the same risks of failure as anything you buy, except most won’t explode in your hand and you don’t get a warranty plan for your body like you do for a TV.

Please consider all the risks of personnel injury, permanent disability/scarring, hurting someone else or damaging other people’s homes before you decide this 4th of July to set off any fireworks. If you think twice, be responsible, and act safety this year, Independence Day can be enjoyed by everyone, including all of the emergency services who won’t have to worry about responding to preventable injuries and fires.  Also if you know or see a Veteran or Active Service Personnel please take a moment to thank them for everything they do and stand for. The Arbor Rescue Squad wishes everyone a Very Happy and Safe 4th of July Celebration this weekend!

Firework Safety
Firework Safety

EMS Week – 2015 – Arbor Rescue Squad of Piscataway

EMS Week 2015

Today starts the week long recognition of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). EMS is composed of trained health professionals that are both volunteer and career (paid). The idea of retrieving wounded people for medical care started during the Napoleonic Wars in Europe between 1803-1815. The concept was further advanced during the United State Civil War between 1861-1865 with the use of the first horse drawn ambulances. The first actual volunteer rescue squad was formed in 1928 in Roanoke, Virginia after a man witnessed a little boy drowning in the river years earlier. Later that year New Jersey got it’s first two official volunteer rescue squads, Belmar followed by Keyport. The Arbor Rescue Squad of Piscataway was the next official volunteer rescue squad and the first in Middlesex County. New Jersey was truly the proving ground for volunteer EMS throughout the nation. Before the local volunteers, if you needed an ambulance you would have to call the local hospital if they even had an ambulance and they would want payment when they got there.

Throughout the nation and even New Jersey you will hear names such as rescue squad, first aid squad, emergency squad, EMS, etc…. You might ask what is the difference? Are some higher trained than others? The answer now a day’s is no, we are all trained the same, some organizations simply offer additional specialized services such as Search and Rescue (SAR), Fire Rehab, Swiftwater Rescue, Extrication (i.e. the jaw’s of life and other tools to gain access to crashed vehicles), and many more things. Traditionally First Aid Squads only provided medical care while Rescue Squads provided additional boat rescue or extrication services when needed.

Some of you might wonder what is the difference between an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Paramedic. Well that answer varies state to state, but for us in New Jersey an EMT is a Basic Life Support Provider (BLS) and a Paramedic is an Advanced Life Support Provider (ALS). Most emergencies or transports to hospitals do not require a Paramedic unit, a staff of trained EMTs can more than handle most situations. There are roughly 26,000 EMTs and 2,200 Paramedics in NJ, so EMTs (volunteer or career, local squad or hospital based) can get to you quicker because there are simply more of them. EMTs are fully trained in how to manage vehicle collisions, strokes, heart attacks, shootings/stabbings, CPR, diabetic emergencies and even the classic splinter in a finger or stubbed toe. Paramedics are at a higher level of training and can do somethings EMTs in this state cannot do such as: start IV’s or IO’s, administer dozens of medications, take an EKG of the heart, manually defibrillate and insert an a ET tube to secure someone’s airway. Both EMTs and Paramedics go through extensive core training, periodic refresher courses, and have to do continuing education courses to keep their certifications up to date.

The Arbor Rescue Squad will be spending this week recounting some of it’s very long history with the public. Much of our history is the history of the Arbor Fire Company which gave birth to our organization and the rich history of Piscataway itself and the surrounding communities. We hope you join us and like our Facebook page on our week long story of 84 years of volunteer service. And please if you know or see an EMT, Paramedic, Ambulance or local Rescue/First Aid Squad, stop by and say thanks or just simply wave or give a thumbs up. We are a humble brother/sisterhood and even a simple random thank you means the world to any of us.

If anyone is interested in volunteering at the Arbor Rescue Squad please fill out and return the Arbor Rescue Squad Application. We encourage everyone to join their local rescue squad and keep our mission of volunteer EMS in New Jersey alive.

Gold Cross Article – Arbor Rescue Squad Ambulance Legacy

The Arbor Rescue Squad was featured in an article in the Spring 2015 issue of the Gold Cross. Click on the images to read the full two page article about our long legacy of ambulances.

Gold+Cross+Page+1    Gold+Cross+Page+2