About Us

The Facts

The Arbor Rescue Squad is the third oldest rescue squad in New Jersey, the first one in Middlesex County, and among the first handful in the United States. We are a completely independent non-municipal 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer ambulance service. We do not receive any funding from tax dollars and none of our members are paid. We function during the evening and overnight hours, the rest of the day time a Piscataway Township contracted paid ambulance service covers the township.


Mission Statement

The Arbor Rescue Squad strives to provide professional, efficient, and effective Pre-Hospital Basic Life Support care to the community of Piscataway Township and surrounding area. The Arbor Rescue Squad is a fully volunteer run and NJDOH Licensed to provide basic life support (BLS). We are dispatched through the Piscataway Police Department’s Communications Center. The Arbor Rescue Squad pledges to the community it serves they will respond to emergency calls and provide volunteer staffed ambulance service, and render emergency aid to the sick, injured or disabled.



Arbor Rescue Squad came to be in early April 1931. On that day around noon Arbor Hose Company received a call to go to the Black Bridge for a drowning. This Lehigh Railroad Bridge is over New Market Pond between Washington Ave. and New Brunswick Ave. A brother (6) and sister (7) were at the center of this bridge when a train was heard coming. As they realized they could not get off in time, they jumped into the water and drowned. After much diving in the muddy water the bodies were recovered and with limited knowledge of First Aid as per Boy Scout Days, artificial respiration was given to no avail. That night at the Fire House, they made a pledge to themselves that they would have a Rescue Squad with complete knowledge of First Aid and Rescue, including the equipment to do so with.

Remember this was the time of the great depression, money was very scarce and there were no such things as First Aid Rescue Squads. Even so, that night five members formed Arbor Rescue Squad and pledged to the community they would respond to all emergency calls and provide volunteer staffed ambulance service; render emergency aid to the sick, injured or disabled. This promise has been kept for more than 85 year, and will continue to be kept for as long as there are members.

We currently run two NJDOH Licensed BLS ambulances, one fire rehab/special operations vehicle and two rescue boats. We also have our 1976 Cadillac ambulance in which the first out-of-hospital open heart surgery was performed in.