Snow Storm Warning: Feb. 8th – 9th

Be advised there is a significant snow storm expected to affect Middlesex County, including Piscataway. Snow fall is expected to begin late tonight (Wednesday) through the early evening on Thursday. The Arbor Rescue Squad urges all individuals to not drive on the roads unless needed to. Do not let All Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive give you a false sense of security when driving. Do not park on the roadways to allow both County and Township workers to clear streets (side streets as we all well know will take longer to get cleared). Take care when removing snow as to not put your hands into a snow blower to clear it and do not put snow back onto the roadways. If shoveling by hand, know your abilities, take breaks and ask for help if needed to avoid making any medical conditions worse. Please remember to “salt” steps and walkways to avoid slips and falls and in case emergency personnel are needed to come to your home. As always make sure to check on elderly neighbors to see if they are ok or need help with anything as their ability to deal with issues can be limited during snow fall.