Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of this countries great holidays full of friends, family and FOOD! However, every year the holiday gets ruined for many people and their loved ones because of preventable accidents. The Arbor Rescue Squad wishes you all the best holiday possible, so take the time to read our provided information and always search online more to educate yourself and others this holiday season.

Cooking: Please remember to NEVER leave a stove, oven, or deep fryer (inside or outside the house) unattended. Not only can you ruin the food, but you can easily catch your house on fire or a child can get seriously injured. Always make sure to clean all cooking utensils, preparation areas, and food itself prior to cooking. No one wants to be that guy who makes their family and friends violently sick that year.

Fire/Heat: Make sure that cooking temperatures and methods are correct for the size and type of food you are cooking. There are a lot of books and online material from reputable food agencies on how to properly cook your holiday meals. Make sure once you are done using any device that has a flame or heat is turned all the way off. Not only can you cause a fire by forgetting to do this, but if the flame goes out you can fill your house with gas and carbon monoxide, which are very deadly. Make sure your smoke detectors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors are working (if you don’t have them, get them!). Also it is ALWAYS a great idea to have a fire extinguisher in the house, better to have a mess from that than a half burned out house.

Pets: Don’t forget our furry friends on this day. Please remember not all pets like to have a house full of strangers, if your pet has anxiety there are pet hotels or put them in a bedroom/unused room with some food, water, and toys to keep them entertained and check on them periodically. With so many people going in and out of your house make sure all your pets have a collar with identification on them. They can easily jet right by everyone and down the street. Finally, just because you are enjoying our human food, please be careful what you feed your pets. Though they are animals, they cannot eat just anything, they are domestic breeds and their body cannot handle some foods very well, some are even deadly.

Once again, the Arbor Rescue Squad wishes everyone a Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!